CAD FOCUS was formed in 1996 by two experienced personnel in the Information Technology industry. With a combined of over 18 years of experience in sales, marketing and technical of computer aided design/drafting (CAD) and scanning solutions, relational-databases and document management systems to provide better services to our customers.

As the name suggest, the core business of CAD FOCUS will be CAD-based solutions: computer drafting and design, Mapping/GIS, CAD Imaging (Raster/Vector/Hybrid Editing & conversion), CD-ROM archival systems and Wide format Scanner for engineering drawings.


CAD FOCUS aims to be the top in the field of PC-based CAD and scanning solutions by providing our customers with quality and reliable solutions along with consultancy, technical support and proper training. Being an expert in the CAD industry, CAD FOCUS will be able to propose solutions which fit closely to our customers' requirements.

CAD FOCUS truly believes that the successful implementation of a computer solution depends heavily on the users' expectation, acceptance and readiness for new technology by providing proper education and training to users at all levels, from management to data entry operators of every project.

CAD FOCUS intends to remain as a small to medium-sized company with a core group of highly experienced and dedicated staff to service our customers.