ZWCAD & GEOsCAD2 WORKSHOP TRAINING ZWCAD 2019 & GEOsCAD2-v19 Training 2018 held on 29 Nov 2018. A big thanks to all company listed below for purchasing during the LJT Promotional Period : 1. Charisma Survey Consultant (Johor) 2. Enviro Land Services 3. Platinum Survey Consultant 4. Jurukur Tempatan (KL) Hope all participants benefited from the

ZWCAD 2019 Training

ZWCAD 2019 Training Congratulations !!!! National Institute of Land and Survey Lembaga Tanah dan Survei Nasional (INSTUN) had successfully completed our ZWCAD & GEOsCAD2 Intensive Training Course for (3 Days 2 Nights) at MU Hotel with the collaboration of GEOInfo. A great team effort for the successful event jointly held. INSTUN play a crucial role

Institute Latihan DBKL

Institute Latihan DBKL Date : 3rd Sept 2018 Town hall hosted a meeting on budget 2019. CAD Focus was invited and given the opportunity to introduce ZWCAD & GEOsCAD2 to Town Hall at Institut Latihan Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (IDB), organized by the DBKL members.

Recent Innovations In Engineering (RIE 2018)

Recent Innovations In Engineering (RIE 2018) Here is one of the event participated known as RECENT INNOVATIONS IN ENGINEERING (RIE 2018). The theme of this year’s high profile engineering conference organised by The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM-Penang) is: ‘Recent Innovations in Engineering: Towards World-Class Excellence in Industry 4.0, Construction and Sustainability’. The engineering profession


ARCHIDEX’18 Flashback on a successful Archidex’18 event. Thank You all visitors for spending your time in our booth and appreciates existing customers the continuous support in ZWCAD software. Looking forward for the next year Archidex’19 event.

20th International Surveyor’s Congress 2018

20th International Surveyor’s Congress 2018 Another successfully 20TH INTERNATIONAL SURVEYORS’ CONGRESS 2018 event just ended, which was held on 28th & 29th of June 2018 at Istana Hotel Kuala Lumpur, organized by the Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia (RISM). Manage to take pictures with Guest of Honour Tan Sri Rafidah binti Aziz. We would particularly


ZWCAD SOLUTION ROADSHOW 2018 (Johor Bahru) We are grateful to all (New & Existing Customer) for joining us on the ZWCAD Solution Roadshow 2018 in Johor. Well, this is mostly the final of ZWCAD Solution Roadshow 2018 (Malaysia). Hope all participants have an insightful seminar & training session. Thank you all for coming. Looking forward