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  • 18 FEB

    ZWCAD Solution Roadshow 2020 (Sarawak)

    Greetings All, Thank you all for attending our ZWCAD Solution Roadshow 2020 (Kuching) despite the COVID-19 epidemic happening worldwide, we are very grateful to you for your time and continued support. For your info, this is our 8th series annual nationwide roadshow organize by CAD Focus since the year 2011.  In conjunction with ZWCAD 2020 (SP 2) Launching, CAD Focus organized these events bring together professionals from various industries coming together to experience the ZWCAD & GEOsCAD2 Software capability. The Roadshow is filled with informative insight on important tools that can help to enhance your productivity and efficiency. Well, this is mostly the recap of ZWCAD Solution Roadshow 2020 in Sarawak. Hope all the participants enjoy and benefit from the update training. Feel free to tag your friends and like the photos posted. #ZWCADGlobalTour #ZWCADMalaysia #ZWCAD2020 #ZWCAD #cadfocusroadshow

  • 12 DEC

    GEOsCAD2 Training in the Year 2019

    Recap of the Last GEOsCAD2 Training in the Year 2019 ~

    Interested but missed the chance to apply earlier? Do look out and apply for our Roadshows 2020 before it's too late!