An add-on 2D drafting application tool for ZWCAD & AutoCAD Software.

A Powerful  ZWCAD add-on design / drafting Solution tools for  Geomatic Land Surveying / Land Planning / Construction / Civil Eng /…industry in Malaysia.

* License : Perpetual / Permanent (Base on version purchase)

License Type : Standalone : USB (Dongle)



Compelling Reason to consider GEOsCAD2 add-on Solution

  • Develop with guidance from local industry expert
  • Work closely with relevant association members to improve functions or features base on industry requirements.
  • Established Client Base in Malaysia
  • > 200+ Geomatic Surveyors Companies
  • Affordable / Low System Requirements
  • Ease of Use, High quality assurance and productivity

Traverse Line Features

  • Traverse Miclose Report
  • Bowditch Adjust Misclose
  • Transit Rule Adjust Misclose
  • Crandall Adjust Misclose
  • PO and New Adjust

Traverse Line – Auto/Manual Plot

  • Traverse Line ( Stn / Boundary / Perimeter )
  • Radiate Traverse Line


  • Auto / Manual Labeling Tools
  • Bearing Distance
  • Area ( M2 / Ha / Ek / Kp )
  • Lot Numbering (Auto/User define)
  • Coordinates
  • Road Width (Ver / Hor)
  • Reverse Bearing
  • Insert boundary mark / stone ( with or without Trim )

Labelling – Auto Bearing Distance

Labelling – Auto Area

Bearing Distance – Coordinate Table

  • Area
  • Coordinates
  • Auto Short Bearing Distance
  • Polygon Bearing Distance

GEOsCAD2 Engineering Functions

Engineering Functions

Text & Points Tools

  • Display Text from points Spot Level
  • Insert Spot Height with IL
  • Interpolate Spot Height
  • Set Point Elevation to Zero,
  • Change Datum for Spot Level
  • Insert Point symbol
  • Text In Box

Pile Survey

  • Set Pile Number
  • ASCII Output X,Y
  • ASCII Output For Bering Distance
  • Pile Deviation Asbuilt

Cross Section & Long Profile

Cross Section

Generate Cross Section from XYZ-points

Generate from line draw across 3D points


Generate Profile from XYZ-points

GEOsCAD2 Topographic (Pro Version Only)

  • Auto Generate Cross Section Line
  • Generate TIN from 3D Points
  • Auto Interpolate Spot Level from 3D TIN with Fix Distance

Point to Triangulation (TIN) Model

Auto Interpolate Spot Level from 3D TIN with Fix Distance

3D-Points -> TIN -> 2D Contour (Pro Version Only)

Plot House Corner

Label Prefix or Suffix

Coordinate Table & Export to File For 3D Poly

Coordinates Transformation & Export to Google Earth (NEW!!!)