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    Is ZWCAD compatible with Revit?

    Like other software, ZWCAD can’t open .rvt files directly, but ZWCAD and Revit can smoothly share dwg drawings, so when Revit export the model to .dwg file, then it can be opened on ZWCAD, and when ZWCAD saved as .dwg files, then it can be imported into Revit.

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    What's the DWG compatibility between SketchUp and ZWCAD Architecture?

    SketchUp and ZWCAD Architecture can smoothly share DWG files, but they can’t modify the custom objects between each other. Here’s a video showing more information regarding it.

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    What's the .dwg compatibility of ZWCAD?

    ZWCAD has a very good compatibility of dwg files with other products like AutoCAD, Sketchup, and so on. ZWCAD Software support to open/save .dwg format files.

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    What's the the compatibility of Fonts on ZWCAD?

    We have a very good compatibility of Fonts on ZWCAD, and ZWCAD has fonts files in the installation folder, and if the font in the drawing is not available in the installation folder of ZWCAD, we can get the font file and paste it to the font folder.

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    What's the the compatibility of XREF on ZWCAD?

    Yes, users can open the drawings with XREF and also on ZWCAD Software we can insert dwg drawings as XREF.

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    Can .pat and shx files on a PC and work on other computers?

    Yes, we can copy the files and paste to other computers.

Platform & System Requirements

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    What's the ZWCAD's System Requirements?

    Minimum & Recommended System Requirements

    Operating system
    Microsoft® Windows 7 SP1 and above
    Microsoft® Windows 8.1
    Microsoft® Windows 10Processor
    Basic: Intel® Core™ i5 Processors or higher
    Recommended: Intel® Core™ i5 Processors (2+GHz processor (i5))

    Basic: 4GB RAM
    Recommended: 8 GB RAM or more

    Display card
    Basic: 1GB GPU
    Recommended: 2GB or more

    Hard disk
    4GB free space in OS disk, 2GB free space in installation diskResolution
    Basic: 1027*768 VGA with True Color
    Recommended: 1440*900 with NVIDIA 8 series or AMD Radeoon HD series or higher

    Windows Server 2016 / 2012 / 2008 R2 SP1

    Pointing device
    Mouse, trackball, or other devices and MS-Mouse complaint

    On-line download

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    What's the compatibility of network license manager of ZWCAD?

    The Network License Manager of ZWCAD is compatible with all previous versions with ZWCAD.

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    Can I install ZWCAD on different computers by one click in the same time?

    Yes, ZWCAD supports the deployment installation.

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    What kinds of license ZWCAD can provide?

    There are two kinds of license on ZWCAD. One is stand alone, and the other is network license. Stand alone license has soft-encryption (softlock) and hard-encryption (dongle/USB), and Network license has soft-encryption.

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    Can network license of ZWCAD supports the backup server?

    Yes, it supports.

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    Can network license of ZWCAD supports the redundant server?

    Yes, it supports.

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    Does ZWCAD supports hard encryption?

    Yes, it called Dongle. Dongle is only available on stand-alone license, and it will not available on network license.

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    Does ZWCAD provide permanent license?

    Yes, ZWCAD Software provide permanent license, so the license can activate the relatively yearly version of ZWCAD permanently and also can update inner yearly version (e.g. from ZWCAD 2021 SP1 to ZWCAD 2021 SP2) for free. However, it will needed to charge upgrade fee when upgrade between yearly versions, like upgrade from ZWCAD 2017 SP3.2 to ZWCAD 2021 SP2.

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    Does ZWCAD provides short-term license plan?

    Yes, we can provide a trial license for our potential users to try our product. Or another option is subscription basis for the first 3 years subsequently can decide want to have permanent license or continuous of a subscription.

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    How to upgrade ZWCAD and it is for free?

    If your ZWCAD version purchase during one year, the service pack (SP) upgrade is for free and once the new version is available, users can use online upgrade to download/install the latest version. As for any of the old ZWCAD version upgrade will incur an amount of upgrade charges. You can contact us for more information.

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    Can I install different language versions of ZWCAD in the same computer?

    Yes, you can install the different language versions of ZWCAD in the same computer.

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    Can 32 bit and 64 bit versions of ZWCAD share one license?

    Yes, the license is the same, and the difference is installation package. If you install 32 bit of ZWCAD, then you will get 32 bit of ZWCAD, if you install 64 bit of ZWCAD, you will get 64 bit of ZWCAD.

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    Can I install 32 bit and 64 bit of ZWCAD Software in the same computer?

    No, users can’t do that.

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    If I have a license of ZWCAD 2021, can I also use the previous version of ZWCAD?

    The license of ZWCAD can support backwards compatibility. E.g. ZWCAD 2018 support lower platform such as ZWCAD 2017, ZWCAD Classic.

Installation, Licensing & Activation

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    Can I transfer or move my activation code from one computer to the other?

    Yes, user can transfer your license from one computer to another computer. If the license code has already activated on one computer, but you want to change to other computer for some reasons, user need to return this license on your original computer first, and then activate it on the other computer.

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    How do I get my ZWCAD license software once purchase?

    Once payment has been make accordingly, the ZWCAD license code will be delivered by email.

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    Error message: Activate fail! The number of activated copies has reached the maximum quantity authorized.

    If you want to upgrade, please return the former license code first. Only the parent license has been returned, then the new license can be activated. Since the License Code is being used by another computer. Please locate and return the license of the original computer first, and then activate it on the new computer.

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    How to locate my dongle Product ID & Dongle Number?

    Please notice that user can find the serial number on the surface of the dongle, and find the product ID in ZWCAD License dialog box: Help > License > Dongle Activate > Product ID. Please make sure that the product ID is 8-digital numbers. User must plug the dongle into the computer first, then you can find the product ID.

ZWCAD Functions

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    How about the 3D features on ZWCAD?

    ZWCAD is more concentrate on 2D related functions, and it has some basic 3D related functions. The characteristic of ZWCAD is light and fast, so we selected the frequently used functions of 3D and most 2D functions and made users into ZWCAD to make sure users can build a good user experience.

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    What are the unique functions on ZWCAD?

    ZWCAD has some unique functions like Smart Series (Smart Mouse, Smart Voice, Smart Select), and file compare, lock up/unlock, reference manager and so on.

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    What's the maximum length of recording voice on Smart Voice?

    On ZWCAD, the maximum length is 30 seconds, but on Cad Pcokets there’s no limit for the time period of recording voice annotation.

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    If I open the drawing contains the objects of Smart Voice on AutoCAD, can I still play the voice?

    No, but user can load a plug-on to play the voice.

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    Can I create/edit dynamic blocks on ZWCAD?

    So far user can’t. ZWCAD can insert dynamic blocks, and ZWSoft plan to edit dynamic blocks on ZWCAD newer version, and ZWSoft will consider to make the creation of dynamic blocks in the future.

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    Can I insert the layers of PDF when using the PDF2DWG command on PDF Converter?

    No, user can’t. When user plot/publish drawings to PDF, then the PDF will include layer information, converter PDF to DWG, then the layer information will be dismissed.

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    What's the difference of Hatch functions between AutoCAD and ZWCAD?

    So far the Hatch function is similar to AutoCAD and can satisfied most of our users, but so far the interface is not the same, and user can’t edit the grip of hatch objects, and can’t set the transparency of hatch objects, however, ZWSOFT have a clear plan to improve these points in the near coming versions.

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    Can I export to DGN file on ZWCAD?

    So far ZWCAD can import DGN files, but can’t export to DGN files, and ZWSoft are consider to make this function available in the future.

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    Does ZWCAD supports render function?

    Yes, only ZWCAD Professional supports the render function. On ZWCAD Pro version, user can set materials to the layers, and set the lights in the model, and choose the light presets before render, and also user can control render quality.

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    Does ZWCAD supports PDF underlay?

    Yes, only from ZWCAD 2020 onwards available. For ZWCAD 2018 PDF underlay is not available. However, there is a tool called PDF Converter that can help users to insert PDF files to DWG drawings. In this tool, users can convert PDF files to dwg, dxf and image files.

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    Does ZWCAD have cloud service?

    So far ZWCAD don’t provide cloud service, but user can synchronize drawings from ZWCAD to mobile solution (CadPockets) by using online storage. ZWSoft will consider to make cloud service in the future.

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    Can render function in ZWCAD supports the customized image materials?

    Yes, the render function in ZWCAD supports the customized images and attached to layers as materials.

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    The properties panel can be set as floating?

    Yes, user can drag the properties panel and floating on the interface.

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    The command line can be closed or not? If we can, can be show it back again?

    Yes, user can type command commandline/commandlinehide to show/hide the command line, and also ZWCAD have short cut key ctrl+9 to show/hide the command line.

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    Does ZWCAD support line type?

    Yes, users can type linetype command to modify the line type.

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    What's the difference between FCMP and CAD Standards?

    FCMP can check the drawings. For example, if USER set old drawing as a standard, and use any modified drawings can compare with old drawings, then the difference will be shown.

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    Does ZWCAD supports VBA programs?

    Yes, ZWCAD can support and run VBA programs on Professional version.

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    Does ZWCAD supports etransmit?

    Yes, ZWCAD can help users to package the drawing with font files and so on.

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    Does ZWCAD has parameter design?

    No, so far ZWCAD doesn’t support parameter design.

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    Is 3DOrbit function available on ZWCAD?

    Yes, and user can use shift+middle key to rotate the view.

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    How to quickly delete the hatch in the drawing?

    User can use smart select on ZWCAD, and select all hatch objects, and delete them.

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    What Customize function on ZWCAD 2018 can modify?

    In ZWCAD 2018, customize function can modify Ribbon Interface, Classic Interface, right click menu and short cut key.


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    Compare with AutoCAD, what's the advantage of ZWCAD?

    User can open big drawings faster, and ZWCAD are much lighter, have a better price and have comprehensive service. Also, ZWCAD have some unique functions.

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    What's the different between ZWCAD and AutoCAD, what's the highlight of ZWCAD?

    About ZWCAD, the operation and interface are similar to AutoCAD, so our users don’t need to relearn a new product. Also, ZWCAD has better efficiency especially when opening big drawings. ZWCAD has a lower hardware and system requirements, it has some unique functions to help users improve the work efficiency, and then ZWCAD has powerful API to help users make their plug-ins work on ZWCAD.

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    Can I create new drawings on Cadpockets?

    Yes, user can create new drawings on Premium version of Cadpockets.

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    What service would ZWSOFT provide?

    We provide collect direct users feedback from our local distributor/partners for our R&D purposes, and we can provide technical local support: ZWSoft have tutorial materials available via online for users, and have technical forum for users to talk to other users all over the world and ask questions. And also users can refer to some of the frequently asked questions, and have local distributor to provide technical support.

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    What format does ZWCAD supports to import and export?

    We have great compatibility and open/save with .dwg, .dxf, .dwt, .dwf files. Also, ZWCAD can export .wmf, .sat, .bmp, .jpg, .png, .tif files, and import .wmf, .sat, and .dgn files.

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    What software does ZWCAD can make data interchange with?

    ZWCAD can make data interchange with many popular software like sketch up, Revit, SolidWorks, 3DS Max, Rhino and so on. They can smoothly share .dwg files, also ZWCAD can share .dgn files and PDF file.

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    How often does ZWCAD update its versions?

    It’s depends on the markets. Usually ZWCAD provide a service package every 4 month, and it will provide new functions, fix some problems. Our users can update for free between the same yearly version of service packages.

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    AutoCAD warning flag/banner: if you open a drawing created by ZWCAD in AutoCAD, then the banner will let the user know that a non-AutoCAD program changed the drawing. Can we block it from AutoCAD?

    When AutoCAD opens a drawing created by ZWCAD, there will be a banner that pops up, and even AutoCAD saves this drawing and opens again, the banner will still pop up. Technically we can’t block this banner from popping up on AutoCAD because AutoCAD made some tags or marks on the drawings that created by itself, so when AutoCAD opens it, the program will be able to figure out where the drawing comes from. However, when ZWCAD saves the drawing, ZWCAD don’t/can’t have the tags into the drawing, and other CAD software.

    On the other hand, if ZWSOFT forced to make R&D to make it works on that way, there will be a risk of infringement. In our conclusion, ZWSOFT can’t do that.

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    What's the difference between ZWCAD Pro. and Std.?

    Compare with Professional version, on Standard version the 3D related functions are limited and it only supports .lsp programs.

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    Can ZWCAD open the big DWG drawing files (bigger than 100MB)?

    Yes, ZWCAD has very good compatibility with DWG files. Also, the other value of ZWCAD is light and high efficiency, compare with main stream CAD products, ZWCAD can open/work on big drawings much faster.

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    Does ZWCAD has similar operation with AutoCAD?

    Yes, ZWCAD has similar /same shortcut keys, commands, interfaces and operation with AutoCAD.

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    Does ZWCAD has MAC version?

    So far no. And ZWSoft are considering making Mac version for ZWCAD in the future.

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    How to display hatch objects faster?

    User can type options command, and switch to display, and check “not display hatch while zooming”

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    Will ZWCAD provide another option of interface skin?

    Yes, only available from ZWCAD 2019 onwards have two types of skins, one is in darker colors, and the other is in lighter colors.

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    Can we customized the APP+Tab that designed for our app developer?

    Yes, can consider that, but it will be only available in one specific language version of ZWCAD.

  • +-

    Can you localized the F1 help document and translate it into other language?

    ZWSoft don’t have a plan to provide that so far, but can be discussed it if it is required by the markets.

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    Compare with AutoCAD LT, what's the advantage of ZWCAD STD?

    Compare with AutoCAD LT, ZWCAD STD provides network version, and also supports lisp, and users can use file compare function.

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    Can I remove the education mark in the drawings on ZWCAD, and how?

    User can do it in commercial versions, we can save as dxf file, and save as dwg again. Also provide a tool called dwg converter, there’s an option can guide our users to remove this tag.

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    What language can be used to develop plug-ins on ZWCAD?

    VBA, C++, Visual Basic, C#, Lisp and more.


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    Error message: ``Couldn't open Source file.``

    The issue just happens on Windows Vista or Windows 7 system, the solution is to run ZWCAD as administrator for at least one time.

  • +-

    Error message: ``style .zus no file found.``

    Double-click ZWCAD to open but prompt “style .zus no file found”. Solution:

    1. Try to delete the folder C:/<ComputerName>/Administrator/AppData/Roaming/ZWSoft/ZWCAD/2018/<language> and open again;
    2. Try to right-click ZWCAD icon and select to run as an administrator;
    3. Try to reinstall ZWCAD and then repeat the above steps.
  • +-

    Error code: 0xc000007b

    Please download this tool to repair the error, it would automatically check and repair all the necessary function library. There is already an instruction in the package, please read it carefully before you use this tools. It provides both in Chinese and English version.

    Click this link to download.

    Please refer here.

  • +-

    Error message: ``The vendor daemon`` zwflex.exe`` is running.

    Network version activation error message: “The vendor daemon” zwflex.exe” is running, please shut it down first and retry later on.” on the server. Solution:

    Go to LMTools > Start/Stop/Reread tab, click Stop Server button to stop the service, if it cannot be stopped, please tick Force Server Shutdown, or you can try to stop the service from Start > Run > services.msc.

  • +-

    Error message: License code does not exist.


    1. Check if the license code is not input wrong, we strongly suggest the customer to input the license by copy/paste;
    2. Turn off the Proxy Server in Web Browser, and make sure port 8888 is not blocked.
    3. Verified if the license code with your supplier.

Trial Version / Temp License

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    Can I try ZWCAD software before I buy it?

    Yes, you can try it out by downloading or requesting the latest ZWCAD software trial version. This fully functioning version of ZWCAD is available as a free 30-day trial. You can request the trial version from our sales team or simply download the fully functioning trial version here.

  • +-

    How long can I use the trial/temp ZWCAD license?

    Depending on your days left for usage. Normally 30 days from the day you install.

  • +-

    What happen after 30 days trial or temp license? Are there any limitation about the trial version of ZWCAD?

    The ZWCAD trial version offers 30 days’ evaluation of all functions in ZWCAD. During the first 30 days, there are no limitations. But after the evaluation period, five functions are limited:

    1. Export function is disabled;
    2. Plots have watermark;
    3. User cannot save drawings with more than 8,000 entities;
    4. Save to DXF format file is disabled;
    5. Publish to DWF format file is disabled.

    All other functions remain.

    To continue using ZWCAD without these limitations, you can purchase a permanent license by contact our Sales Team or directly contact us at Phone 1 or Phone 2.

  • +-

    I would like to extend my trial version for testing, what should I do?

    Send your request to our Support Team or directly contact our sales team to apply for trial extension. Contact details provided below:

    or may call us at Phone 1 or Phone 2.

Pricing & How to Buy / Upgrade / Convert

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    I am interested about ZWCAD; Can I have quotation or proposal?

    You can send emails us here or contact your local resellers. And we will provide more details as soon as possible.

  • +-

    Can I upgrade any of my old ZWCAD version to latest version?

    Yes, you can upgrade any of your old ZWCAD version to the latest version by sending an email to us here or contact us at Phone 1 or Phone 2, and we will provide more details as soon as possible. You need to provide us the necessary information to get an upgrade license.

    1. Serial number
    2. The current version you used
  • +-

    I am using a dongle to activate ZWCAD, but I want to change or convert to softlock license in case of losing the dongle, what can I do?

    You can contact our Sales Team and we will provide you the details about how to do that.

Service & Support

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    Do you have any local distributor/resellers/sellers in my region?

    CAD Focus is the local distributor for ZWCAD in Malaysia and today we have dealers and resellers in your regions too. Some local reseller may offer other value added technical support and service. You can fill your information here or send your question here. After that, we will contact you as soon as possible.

  • +-

    Does ZWCAD offer localized services and support?

    Yes. Our expertise with a combined of over 18 years of experience to support in delivering you realise solution so you can be your best. Our technicians will provide the live demo about the new feature and update trainings with necessary guidance and any issue you can send your issue to our helpdesk. A support ticket will be generated for your support issue or request to help us to support you better. We offer a mixture of consulting and marketing to meet various industry design and drafting needs.

  • +-

    I am new to CAD software, do you have any teaching materials?

    We offer a lot of useful information for you to master ZWCAD, such as the help documentation in ZWCAD manual guide, the tutorial videos, the FAQ, the technical tips and so on (click here).You can also get more information from our knowledge base.

  • +-

    Does ZWCAD support other language?

    Yes. There are more than 180,000 customers in about 80 different countries using ZWCAD. In order to help our customers design with ZWCAD more conveniently, these are available version in other language: English, Japanese, Polish, Czesh, Spanish, German, Korean, Italian, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, French, Portuguese, and Hungarian which can be downloaded from ZWSoft official website or you can send us here. After that, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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