ZWCAD MFG 2025 Official 

ZWCAD MFG is an advanced 2D CAD solution for manufacturing professionals.

Packed with:

  • Enhancements
  • Compatibility
  • Part library
  • Drawing Functionality
  • Stability


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What’s NEW in ZWCAD MFG 2025

AutoCAD® Mechanical Compatibility

Reuse legacy data with the ability to freely edit entities in AutoCAD® Mechanical like frames, balloons, BOMs, part references, and mechanical symbols.

Expanded Part Library

The built-in library expanded parts of standards including ISO and DIN, and added 14 national standards including IS, PN, KS, AFNOR, ANSI and more.

2D Hide

It can quickly hide background graphics behind the outer contours of parts, saving the time spent on manual trimming.

Part Reference

By tagging parts as part references, it can automatically generate BOMs and keep data synced among BOMs, balloons, and part references.

Deflection Calculation

Quickly generate deflection lines and calculation result tables, helping engineers predict the deformation of beams under loads and optimize structures.

Enhanced Moment of Inertia Calculation

It supports complex calculations for closed shapes with holes, closed shapes with spline contours, discrete shapes, and shapes with centerlines.

Scale Area

It can divide model space into regions with different length scales and text scales, hence you can plot appropriate engineering drawings conveniently.

Sprocket/ Pulley Design Tool

Quickly draw sprockets/pulleys, calculate the length of chains/belts, draw chain/belt links, and dynamically adjust the position of sprockets/pulleys and chains/belts.

Support More Languages

Polish and Turkish versions are added to enhance accessibility, as you can use the software in your preferred language.