WiseImage for AutoCAD

For raster editing, raster-to-vector conversion and drawing revision.



One Step from Scanner to CAD

Large format scanners form high-quality greyscale, black and white, or color raster images. To successfully transfer scanned drawings to CAD, well-organized post-processing software is essential; the perfect solution is WiseImage. Built-in is a high-end scanning module called WiseScan with built-in support for most wide-format scanners. Image clean-up, correction, calibration, bit-depth lessening and raster-to-vector conversion with WiseImage removes repetitive and time-consuming manual processes.


Raster editing

Large format scanners produce superior black and white, greyscale, or color raster images. To excellently transfer scanned drawings to CAD and do the raster editing, well-organized post-processing software is needed; the ultimate solution is WiseImage for this. With WiseImage image clean-up, correction, calibration, bit-depth reduction and raster to vector conversion eliminate monotonous and time-consuming manual processes.

High Quality Image Processing With Precision

Exact calibration is essential when handling scanned drawings. WiseImage provides many options for choosing the most proper method, importing coordinate values or assigning point area manually. High-grade transformation algorithms offer very exact results. Complete color images are enormous so it is vibrant to diminish image file sizes. This raster to vector software can do this without any loss of information. Colored areas can be joined according to color similarities or by referring to their distribution occurrences. With the help of these tools the number of colors in an image can be condensed from millions to tens. In WiseImage it is conceivable to crop, adjust resolution, de-skew, and calibrate color, scale, and greyscale raster pictures. It is probable to change brightness, contrast, hue and saturation and adjust the color gamut, recover image quality and apply color filters. Users can smoothly cope up with the colors image and can edit or create LUT files. It is easy to edit, construct or add information onto these images, even rasterizing vectors to create ISO compliant raster files as frequently required for compliancy reasons. Incorporating of color and monochrome images is also a one-click task.

Intelligent Raster Objects and Tracing

WiseImage provides various advanced opportunities for working with raster and vector data. One such opportunity is the high-class technology to select raster objects and distinct them into layers. This quality is based on the intelligent selections and the smart Wise Object (text, hatches, and lines) selection. WiseImage has a cutting-edge tracing function (semi-automatic ® interactive raster to vector conversion) for color, monochrome or grey scale images. In tallying to easy comprehensive objects tracing in WiseImage, it is apparent to trace raster shapes that correspond with vector templates. Select a raster shape and WiseImage will spontaneously match it to the suitable vector object from a default Symbol Library or a modified library designed to match user desires. The polyline tracing characteristic comprises auto-detection of tracing path.

Automatic Raster-To-Vector Conversion (Pro Version)

When applying automatic vectorization, the user wishes to set recognition parameters before starting the process. WiseImage for AutoCAD identifies and converts to corresponding vector objects raster lines, arcs, circles, symbols, points, polylines, outlines, hatches and text. The program also identifies raster line types, widths and dimension arrows. WiseImage for AutoCAD can process color, grey scale or black and white images. The results of automatic vectorization often need further correction ® this can be done automatically with tools that will merge vector fragments, generate orthogonal lines, and round objects widths to definite values. Resulting vector objects can be detached by weight, AutoCAD layers and color. During automatic raster-to-vector conversion WiseImage for AutoCAD converts raster texts to AutoCAD text entities. It is also probable to convert raster texts to polylines or outlines. Text recognition is delivered by the world leading Fine Reader OCR Engine 10.0. You can also use external OCR modules.

Working with Symbol

WiseImage provide numerous advanced options for working with raster and vector documents. One of them is the high-class technology to select or separate raster objects into other layers, which is formed on intelligent selections and a brand new selection engine comprising the new smart Wise Object (text, hatches, lines) selection. This attribute is complimentary to the well-known Symbol Search-and Replace feature of WiseImage.