ZWCAD Standard & Professional

ZWCAD 2023

Std (2D) & Pro (3D) Platform

  • User friendly
  • Compatible
  • Efficient
  • Stable
  • Flexible

License: Permanent

License Type: Softlock / Network

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Lasso Selection

A new mode selects objects, enabling designers to select objects in irregular positions more easily.

Advanced Ordinate Dimension

Quickly create coordinate dimensions with richer dimensions styles and support for adding dimensions in batches.

Hatch Module Upgrade

The hatch function has been optimized and upgraded in many aspects.


Arrange selected mleader’s content into a row or column.

Import Multiple PDF files

Convert drawing objects from one or more PDF files to CAD objects.

Support for Adobe PostScript

Export EPS files by Adobe PostScript plotter.

Support for 3D mouse

Use a 3D mouse to edit and view 3D entities.

Optimization for table module

New functions and improvements have been added in table module.

Grip Editing of 3D Entities

Use grips to change a 3D entity’s shape.

Sheet Set Manager

Powerful tool for drawings management and paper plotting.

Tooltip Upgrade

Schematic diagram has been added to the tooltip.

Cloud Documents

Sync local drawings to the cloud automatically or manually.

Product Efficiency Optimization

Operations like select, select, and 3D render had a great improvement for efficiency.

Quick Menu for Object Snap

Right-click object snap button to open quick menu.

Preview for Font Replacement

Preview window for you to check whether the big font can show the text correctly.

Optimization for Calculator

Support calculation in Imperial units. More functions and variables can be identified.

Other Features in ZWCAD

Coexisting Classic and Ribbon Menus

The Classic and Ribbon menus can be displayed at the same time, to satisfy different needs and optimize user experience.

IFC Import

Import IFC files, view the details of models, and better manage entities with the IFC structure panel.

Data Link

Link with external tables intelligently, to realize bidirectional and synchronized data update.


Project 3D objects to 2D plans, to create three-view drawings fast and conveniently.

CAD Standards

Create drawing standard (.dws) files and check & fix nonstandard styles accordingly, to standardize CAD drawings.

Associative Array

Form rectangular, path, or polar arrays of objects with flexible settings and adjust them by dragging grips.

Data Extraction

Data from different objects are extracted and exported to a table.

Layout Export

Entities in layouts can be exported to the model space.

Express Tools

More handy drawing tools are available.