ZWCAD Standard & Professional

ZWCAD 2022 – Std & Pro (SP2)

2D & 3D CAD Platform

  • User friendly
  • Compatible
  • Efficient
  • Stable
  • Flexible

License : Permanent

License Type : Softlock / Dongle / Network Licensing

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Barcode & QR Code

Convert information into barcodes or QR codes and embed them in the drawing

File Compare

Spot the differences between two drawings at once

Undo Snapshot

Preview and go back to any of the previous steps

Tool Palettes

Drag and use mechanical, architectural, electrical blocks; store custom blocks

Settings Migration

Migrate customized settings from earlier versions (ZWCAD 2018/2019) to the latest version

Digital Signature

Ensure original and reliable source of drawing data

Data Extraction

Create and update tables made with data of objects for better data organization and analysis

Express Tool

More handy drawing tools are available

Super Hatch

Hatch with blocks, Xrefs, images, etc.

Layout Export

Export visible objects from the layout to the model space

ZWCAD 2022

Faster and Friendlier


Coexisting Classic and Ribbon Menus

The Classic and Ribbon menus can be displayed at the same time, to satisfy different needs and optimize user experience.

IFC Import

Import IFC files, view the details of models, and better manage entities with the IFC structure panel.


Project 3D objects to 2D plans, to create three-view drawings fast and conveniently.

CAD Standards

Create drawing standard (.dws) files and check & fix nonstandard styles accordingly, to standardize CAD drawings.

Associative Array

Form rectangular, path, or polar arrays of objects with flexible settings and adjust them by dragging grips.

Data Link

Link with external tables intelligently, to realize bidirectional and synchronized data update.