• ZWCAD 2018 (Service Pack SP2)
    New CAD Worth Owning

    Supports systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac.

    Drawing exchange becomes more compatible,

    DGN files can be imported from the mainstream

    CAD software MicroStation®.


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  • CAD Experts & Users
    Comment on ZWCAD

    "The drawings are perfectly compatible in ZWCAD 2017.
    I have made changes in drawings and saved them in ZWCAD,
    which were made in AutoCAD, and vice versa. Besides that, 

    We benefited a lot from the ZWCAD & GEOsCAD2 Training.
    It was a well worth and great training session !!!
  • CAD Pockets
    Open, edit and annotate easily dwg drawings
    anytime anywhere with online storage


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    and enjoy more powerful features.

  • ZWCAD 2017 (SP3.2) !!!
    Your Proved and Trusty CAD

    Easy, Capable and Affortable

    A Wise Choice You Can Always Rely On

    New Realease of ZWCAD 2017 (SP3.2) Latest Version !!!

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    Accurate colour reproduction with
    high throughput

    ~ Advanced scanning engine - LUXios

    ~ CIS (Contact Image Sensor) method in scanner

    ~ sRGB / AdobeRGB compatible

  • ZWCAD Mechanical 2018
    A tool for making mechanical tools

    ZWCAD Mechanical for manufacturing provides abundant

    tools such as shaft generator, tolerance dimension, surface

    texture symbol, balloon and BOM and standards parts for

    mechanical 2D sheet drawing.

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